New Wild Thing Inclusioneers Seat

When Gary Collins (Fisher-Price Senior Manager of Design) heard of our intentions to adapt and give away 8 ride-on cars for children with developmental disabilities, he donated a “Wild Thing” car on the behalf of Fisher-Price. Then, when we described the seating modifications we needed to make, he provided the 3D manufacturing file, for a seating redesign by the Inclusioneers. The Inclusioneers redesign included raising the seat back 9 ½ inches for extra back and neck support and adding slots to facilitate the addition of a 5-point safety harness.
Following our redesign of the seat, Gary volunteered to produce the seat for us, which also required some “tweaking” of the Inclusioneers design to manufacture. The final product is a one-of-a-kind “Wild Thing” seat (see white seat picture). We estimate conservatively that the manufacturing and engineering costs that went into this seat redesign amounts to over $2,000. But, Inclusioneers will provide the new seat 3D file as a public service for others to repeat the design or to create other adaptations to the typical “Wild Thing” seat.


Where can I get the file for the seat? I want to build a car for my granddaughter

Very cool! I would also like this file; where can we access it?