Big Red Button Alternative

I’m wondering if anyone has a good source for a cost-effective “big red button”. I’m looking at the Jelly Bean Button, but it is a bit pricey. Wondering if anyone has had success with cheaper alternatives. Thanks in advance for your help.

Jelly Bean Button LInk:

YES. We just used these and they are only $10 each. The can be wired to light up too! They even come in different colors.

There is a post that sticks out of the back where the limit switch connects, so we laser cut wooden mounting plates that allow the post to go through the hole in the steering wheel. You can see it if you look at the Maserati or Jeep manual that I posted under manuals.

The buttons are smaller, but still quite large. We found that the kids can push them well and it leaves more of the steering wheel available for them to hold on to. I attached the .dxf file for the Maserati below.

JeepSteeringv2 Maserativ3.dxf (4.9 KB)

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We have used this “Switch it Up” switch from Adaptive Tech Solutions. It’s about the same diameter as the Jelly Bean; cost is $28.50.

Product Description
Our Switch It Up! switch for the disabled lets you control toys and other switch adapted devices. Rubber feet assist in keeping the switch from sliding. Button surface area measures 2.75" across and requires approximately 3 oz. of pressure to activate and has slight clicking sound for feedback. Standard 3.5 mm (1/8") plug and 6’ cord. The bright colors makes it easy to find, especially for individuals with visual impairments.

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Hi everyone.
We (GbG israel) also have had some difficulty assembling buttons on the cars.

I have made a 3d printed mounts for the “giant arcade button” and a smaller version button.
The mount replaces both the bottom part and the screw part of the buttons so the button is totally flat for easier assembly.
Mount can be assembled easily in two ways.
First there are holes at the bottom for screws , second there are hinges for legs that help overcome the curve in the steering wheel and help with simple assembly.
Take a look at the design.

PS: We have successfully used these mounts in our chapter hope this can help you guys too.
If you guys like i can send you samples so you can test it for your self.

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