My 3d printed joystick remote control (GbG israel)


Hey guys. I have designed and built a joy stick remote that can be easy to user for some the kids.
Its based on simple modification of the remote control that comes with the cars plus.
some 3D plastic and one joystick (7$-9$) off ebay.

the design is free here is a link to files.

I haven’t taken photos of the remote control modification but soon i will.
For now any one interested just contact me and i will help you though it, its a simple soldering of 5 (left, right, up, down, gnd) wires to connect the remote to the joystick.

Its the first version ,i am currently working on the second. i would love any comments or tips.

How to modify a remote control to be a joystick:

  1. Open the remote plastic and take out the electric board.

  2. Flip open the circuit - use something sharp (like a screw) to scrap the plastic so you can solider wires instead of the buttons.

Please if you have any problem identifing where you should expose the circuit (because you have some other kind of remote) just message me and i will try to help .

  1. expose the GND (negative part)

  2. solder the wires on to the exposed circuit.

  3. connect to joystick.

    • LEFT ,RIGHT ,UP ,DOWN button wires to the
      microswitchs positives pins.
    • Connect the GND wire to all negatives pins of
      the microswitchs
      (if you have a joystick with only one GND pin
      then just connect it to it)

nice one :slight_smile:

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