Costzon Maserati Manual

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I’m uploading a manual for the Costzon Maserati. This car is more than a good replacement for the old standby Frozen cars. This manual is the result of a lot of work from a lot of different people. I’m hopeful that I won’t leave anyone out, but please correct me if I missed anything! If you contributed to the manual and would like to have an editable copy to add your info to, just let me know.

Thanks to @Jason_Craig for finding the car in the first place and starting this thread which lead to the manual: Maserati Car is pretty special

Thanks to @Doug Tietz for putting together the first run at the manual and sharing it with Mitch

Thanks to the Comers (@Mitch) from the Camdenton Laser Robotics Team (FRC 3284) for putting together the manual and hosting a magical build back in September.

We just took what they did and added a bit to it.

Here is a link to the manual:

Here is a link to the .dxf file for the laser cut button mount on the steering wheel:


What type of car seat did you use? It looks like the cushion from a booster seat.

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I tried to get you the link to these on Amazon and it doesn’t work anymore. These seats were being sold as “car seats” but did not meet US Safety standards for car seats. I’m sure you can still find them somewhere. I’ll keep an eye out and let you know if I find them.

There is another thread about seats here: Go Go Babz harness and seat

​I have found we can get something similar from TMart online.

Do you think the Costzon 6 volt Mercedes Benz to the Costzon Maserati would be quite similar? We are hoping to follow your manual, but use the Mercedes Benz car available, because that seems to be a better “fit” our child. Any suggestions on using the Maserati manual to modify the Mercedes Benz? Thank you so much!

I think the Mercedes is probably quite similar. I looked at the pictures of it and it looked pretty similar. Usually companies use a lot of the same components for similar products.

I’m interested to hear how it turns out. Please keep me updated. You might want to check and see if there is a GoBabyGo chapter in your area. They could probably help you with the modifications if you get stuck. Or feel free to post pics and I’m sure the GBGConnect community will help you out.

Hi, what type of connector is the black one used at the end of the 18in harness?

Here is the link to the connector. You should only need the male side.

Thank you so much!