Go Go Babz harness and seat

Over the past four years we have used the Go Go Babz folding wagon seat and harness. They are no longer available. We have a workshop on July 14th and need a substitution. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


Have you tried this:The First Years On the Go Booster Seat or any child bike seat, a car booster seat, or even a swing seat (think little tykes) . Or something like this:

Also, I have toyed with using stadium seats with a 5 point harness added. But other companies make wagon seats-http://wonderfoldoutdoor.com/product/wagon-seats-with-5-point-seat-belt/

We found a seat cushion with a 5 point harness. We just hope they get here.
This site has some questionable reviews that concern me.

We have used the Tmart one over the last few events and really like it! The small is fairly large and fit kids 1-4 years for us.

We found those as well and they worked well. Thank you for your response.

Thought it would be good to post an updated link to the Tmart harness that works really well. Thanks to @kendragagnon for the link! Great price too - $22!


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