Workshops near Rolla, Missouri

I work for a Community Partnership in Rolla, Missouri. We are starting a GBG chapter along with students/professors at Missouri S&T. We would like to attend a workshop before we hold one ourselves. I have reached out to a few areas near us and haven’t gotten much feedback (Columbia, Springfield, St. Louis). Can anyone help with finding resources near me?

Thank you!

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Email me directly I can help!

Best Cole

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You also might check with the Camdenton FIRST Robotics team, FRC team 3284.

Their coach @Mitch Comer is on GBGConnect. He has his wife head up the team and have held builds in the area and I’m certain that they would be willing to help. They’re awesome. It’s build season right now, so it’s a pretty busy time, but I bet they’ll be able to help you out.

Or, if you prefer, we would be happy to share information with you. We’ve built a ton of cars at this point. We’re happy to help, but just a little farther away in Kansas City. PM me if you’re interested in connecting.

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The Mizzou and Washington University chapters have both been in touch with Heather. We don’t have any public builds upcoming, but have offered to support the Community Partnership / Missouri S&T build however we can!

This is potentially a perfect fit for the statewide consortium we’re trying to build!

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