Wiring of Lightning McQueen Quad

Want to put a kill switch on the back. What amp size to use?
Can we hardwire the charger into the battery. Trying to eliminate having to take the seat off each time to charge.
Appreciate any assistance.

Hi Robin, I use 20 amp or 25 amp automotive switches for the kill switch, which provides a lot of margin. We also add a “charger port” to the rear of any car where the parent would have to remove the seat to charge. Especially if we add bracing and padding. But that has to be done carefully. I use an automotive “trailer connector” to do that. I don’t hard wire the charger into the battery for a number of reasons. Happy to explain that more, or provide details if you want to try the trailer connector approach. Send a PM. Best regards,
– Doug

There is another option to consider that might work well on this car. As you know, the manufacturer requires that the parent disconnect the battery from the body electrical to charge. If you buy a DPDT or SPDT kill switch, you can wire in the switch to do that. Cut the wires to the connectors a couple inches away from the connectors. Then you can repurpose the battery side connector as a “charging port” – just securely mount it on the rear of the car somewhere – you might have to extend the wires to connect them to the kill switch. Just be very careful that all the positive wires are on one pole of the switch ( and all the negative ones are on the other if you use DPDT)! If you need more details, just PM me.

Thanks for the advice!! Very helpful.