Wichita State Univ: basic, moderate and complex INSTRUCTIONS!


This webpage has links to sooooo many car instructions!

Basic Build: Barbie car with Big Red Switch on steering wheel (PDF)
Basic Build: ATV 4-wheeler (PDF)
Moderate Build: Frozen car with Arduino-programmed joystick (PDF)
Moderate Build: Barbie car with Arduino-programmed joystick (PDF)
Moderate Build: Lil’ Ford F-150 (PDF)
Complex Build: Mercedes car with two Arduino-programmed joysticks (PDF)
Complex Build: Barbie Jammin’ Jeep (PDF)

The link above doesn’t seem to work anymore. Here is an updated one:


Looks like a great program!

hmmmm it appears to be active on my laptop…

Web links are tenuous things and frequently don’t last long. After some searching I found this WSU page with links to information:
Main WSU GBG Page
In case that page goes away, here are the three links:
WSU GBG Instructables Page
WSU GBG Github page
{Link to this Discourse](https://www.gbgconnect.com/)

Big wow! thanks!!!

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