White Wire Purpose

Hi, On some of the cars that we have used there are 3 wires at the foot pedal. We have been cutting off the white wire and taping it off then using the other 2 wires for the Big Red Switch. Does anyone know what the purpose of the white wire is and does it affect the car in the long run?

Thank you.

Hello Joanie.

Having three wires on the foot pedal is likely so electricity can flow through the car without the pedal being pressed. This is common for cars which have headlights, horns, or other electronic accessories. In the past, I have found it easiest to bypass the wires in the pedal and branch off directly from wires in the motors and battery when connecting the button.

Hope this helps,

Just a slight update to this…
The white wire might also be acting as a ground for your accelerator pedal. If that is the case, it would be more of a safety measure for the pedal. If what you have been doing in the past is working and there are no issues, I would not worry too much over what its purpose is unless out of curiosity.