Uenjoy 12 V sunshine model

Hi, has anyone modified a uenjoy 12 V w wheels suspension, remote control, music, story playing, colorful lights, sunshine model? I may be out of my league with this.
thank you,

Hi Kathy,
I am guessing that you are referring to this Jeep model:

If so, it looks extremely similar to the Best Choice Jeep that we wrote a manual about last year. Yours may have a few extra wires for lights on the light rack in back. The manual includes how to do a kill switch and replace the gas pedal with a button as well as structural modifications for supports.

Thank you!

How about the Uenjoy 12v mini atv?

ATVs are great as long as the rider has good strength and control in their arms. We haven’t focused our efforts on these as much because it seems like a good number of the kids we have built for lack strength or control in at least one arm.

We stripped our gears in our gear box. We’ve looked all over for a new one and can’t seem to find anything. We ordered some gears from Amazon but they didn’t work.
We have the Uenjoy 2 seater jeep. Any suggestions or advice?!

Are OEM replacement parts available from Uenjoy?

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