This new base is interesting

Just spotted this in a FB group

We just tried out a similar base to this. The kiddo was able to operate the hand controls as is, so we are only going to add seating modifications and use the base as is. The base we used :

The unit we used also has a parent remote control. Our unit comes with a soft foam bumper around the base, is zero turn, and the wheels are not exposed, so it seems like a good choice for young child’s classroom or a home with younger siblings present.

Our intent is to make one of these into a line following robot controlled by a big button - that is why we had one on hand to try. Has anyone else had any success with these?

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The innards of the base:


Our ATP mocked up some seating for this base. The cardboard tray is a mock-up for an adjustable tray that will move in-down or out-up along the slope of the original skid-steer style joysticks. We are going with a centered joystick control for the first iteration using a 4-way low pressure video game joystick centered in the tray.

Greg from Together We Grow

I am curious about the hand controls. Are they switch based or a more complicated arragement as is found on the Wild Thing?

They are simple switches, so they should work with any switch or button you like.
Sorry for the late response, I had been out of town.

thankyou, our unit was delivered today

Can you wire this up to be controlled by one 4 way joystick. So pushing forward would make both wheels go forward, pushing back would make both wheels go back, and left and right would just control each left and right wheel individually so it could turn.

this model of joystick is switch based rather than with potentiometers, it would work

Hello, were you able to wire it this way? It is what I am hoping to do for mine.

You might consider this option too … photo is interim model, havent quite decided on best way to mount the two switches

Here’s the “guts” … havent tidied up the wiring yet. Basically using two 12 volt dual pole dual throw relays to make the switches operate both wheels at once in opposite directions. And the one joystick makes both wheels go either forward or back. Hoping it’ll work out ok for the kiddo i built it for. Fingers crossed …

Has anyone been making these? What changes have you made since these last posts? What seating have you incorporated? Can I get some directions for the re-wiring for switches and joysticks to share with a STEM program I am working with? I am trying to create a programs for 0-3 therapists to be able to incorporate these into their therapy programs, encouraging driving to learn programs.


Jessica - Chicago

yep … still making use of these. will try to get better photos of seating and wiring and upload soon’ish :slight_smile:

Our program had success adapting a chair for a child who was using a generic version of one of these vehicles from Amazon. We 3D printed a bar that when pushed or pulled moves the vehicle forwards or backwards. When two hands are used, or when one side is carefully favored, the vehicle can be finessed to rotate.

The black plastic knobs on top of the switches are easily removed with a screwdriver. The nubs that are present underneath are easy to attach accessories for improving accessibility. The bar could also easily split into two parts, in the style of a zero-turn lawnmower.

Please let us know if the design is one that would be of use to your efforts.

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