Substitute for Frozen Cars

Hello everyone!

We have some bigger kiddos on our list and are no longer able to purchase the Frozen ( cars, as they have been discontinued. Has anyone else successfully wired a car that is about the size of the Frozen 6 volt? Thank you in advance!

We are getting ready to hold a community build in November and we are working to find a car to replace the Frozen car. We like the Maseratis, but they are a little on the small side (but bigger than the little Lightning McQueen cars). We’ll put together a manual and post it in #manuals-and-guides once we decide what to do with the kids that are over about 3 years old. We’re thinking about a Jeep, but they are bigger. I’ll try to keep you posted once we make a final decision.

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I haven’t gotten into the wiring yet, but the Disney Princess Mercedes 6-volt is almost identical to the frozen, just Pepto pink. I have one in the office; will try to verify that the wiring is the same.

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Great! Thank you both. :slight_smile: We have heard that Disney Lightning McQueen by Huffy is another viable option (

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