So you want to start a chapter?

This publication may help you learn more about what makes a successful chapter, and how you can start one in your community!

11/21/20 - updating this post with a new article link (since the old one looks to be dead):

Great article! I just had an inquiry about it and I thought I would post some additional thoughts as well. Please let me know what I’m missing.

  • Apply for 501c3 Status for a non-profit OR partner with a local non-profit for help managing donations. In Kansas City, we have found Variety KC to be a wonderful partner.
  • Develop partnerships with area charities and companies for fundraising
  • Develop partnerships with PT/OT and Engineering students/professionals - cars should be inspected before you give them to families
  • Make sure that you have photo release and liability release forms signed by all participants to protect yourselves legally.
  • Use the GoBabyGo logo from here:
  • Make sure you follow their terms of service, but you can modify it slightly for your own organization with permission
  • Keep posting your questions on the forum
  • Build a bunch of cars
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I would also add

  • Seek out the closest Seating and Mobility practitioner/s (both in terms of distributors and “seating clinic” prescribers) and try and get them onboard.

  • Try and find out if anyone within driving distance is recycling medical equipment. If so, make friends with them because there are a lot of gently used seating components that you might be able to get your hands on that will be very useful when trying to position kiddos with seating impairments. If not, try and talk someone into starting one … for the same reason, as well as lots of other benefits to the community at large.

  • Make friends with your local Toys R Us folks. That way, perhaps one day when they’re trying to decide whether to throw away a “damaged” ride on toy they might give you a call first. Sometimes the damaged toys are still perfectly fine for GBG purposes, and will save you a ton of money.

Just my 2c worth :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for all the insight, however, the pdf that was given does not work. Is there any way that there could be another place to find it, or receive a copy of it.

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I will work on getting a working version of the PDF to you. Sorry about that!

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Would you mind sending me a copy of the pdf as well? The link doesn’t work. thanks so much!

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I’m new to the GBG community and am looking for any and all info on ways to get started, including easiest builds to start with. I tried clicking on the link, but cannot access it. If this info still exists and is accuract, could someone send me a link? Thanks!