Remote Control Joystick

One of the neat things about working with the nonprofit Inclusioneers is getting to try out new ideas and see them materialize. Case in point is the Inclusioneers Remote Control (RC) Joystick design which combines a child’s 4-switch joystick that is wired straight into the parent’s remote control transmitter board. The joystick takes the place of the Forward, Reverse, Right, Left buttons on the parent’s remote control transmitter. Then, the transmitter can be mounted under the car hood or unplugged from the joystick and it works just fine as a typical parent’s hand-held remote controller.
The original prototype was wired and tested by the University of Akron’s NASA Robotics Team. The final “street” version was wired and cabled by the Inclusioneers Mentors, Andy Patterson and Kris Senn. The joystick adapter plate, enclosure body and lid were designed and 3-D printed by the University of Akron’s Bio Medical Engineering (BME) Team. Thanks to all who participated. Nice job.


Mike Firtha
Inclusioneers, President
c: 330-283-9021

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