Peg Perego rzr900 size

My students have been building GobabyGo vehicles for a few years now, and we have a new challenge to work on. We are building an outdoor vehicle for a young man whose left side is affected by CP. He is taller than most of the children we have built for in the past. I am looking at a few UTV style 12 volt vehicles right now and am leaning towards the rzr900. Does anyone have one of these available to check a measurement for me? I need to know the distance between the footwall and the back of the seat to see if this vehicle will work before ordering. Most of the stores we have looked at have them available to order but nothing available in the store to physically check.


Ummm … make that 25”ish. Was one on display at local Target :wink:

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Thank you very much for doing that! We couldn’t find any on display. That puts it at a perfect size for out recipient.