New Car/Vehicle Recommendations

We are planning a GBG event in Ithaca, NY. I have been looking through the available manuals and then looking at what vehicles are available online. It does not look like lightning mcqueen or towmater are available anymore and I also did not see power wheels that were available with car option for a single driver, it looks like they are all 2 seat options. I saw on the walmart website they have a lot of different brands of cars that are single seats, would the wiring still be the same with a different brand? What has everyone else been using?

I’m sorry for not seeing this post sooner! Unfortunately, I haven’t seen any new build guides in quite a while. The wiring is not always identical, particularly when you get into models with lots of options (e.g.: variable speed, independently switch-operated lights and sounds, and especially remote controls). Remote controlled cars are particularly tricky.

This is where a local robotics team can come in handy. They are really good at working through the wiring of a car and figuring out exactly how to modify it.

This makes me think we may want to start producing and collecting some new build guides…

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