Need help starting the first group for GBG in my community

I participated as a volunteer in the GBG event a few months ago in a neighboring county. I’d like to offer this program for children in my local area. How do I start?

Hi Nicole,

I was interested in the same thing and got kind of stuck.
where do you live?


Nicole and Katie,
I would recommend talking to the folks that put on the event in the neighboring county. Most chapters get started by helping an existing chapter with a build, bringing in some expertise to help with a local build, and building capacity locally. If you can’t get help from the neighboring group, let us know a bit more about where you are and what you have available (people, tools, cars, need) and we can help you figure out the rest!

I initially reached out to our neighboring county for resources and it was a dead end. They told me to google go baby go and to figure it out myself. So far, not going so good. My next plan is to contact the adaptive equipment provider who assists in the neighboring county event and see if they would be willing to move forward in our county. With everything up in the air, it seems to a difficult time to get someone to commit to the future.

What I really need to know is how I get the blessing from the national “Go Baby Go” to use the name and be an official event. So far, we have a community that would rally behind an event and a few families asking specifically for Go Baby Go.


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