Maserati Sound Problem

Posting this in the hope it will save someone some time. We have been placing Maseratis lately, and one just showed up with a manufacturing defect. The symptom was “no sound”, not on startup nor from anything else. The problem was a power cable (yellow and black wires) that was manufactured “too short” but installed anyway .It comes from under the dash and runs into the under-hood area. But it wasn’t long enough to reach the sound board (under the hood, right next to the speaker) so the assembler just left it hanging. Of course the fix is just to cut it, splice in some extensions, and plug the connector into the sound board. I apologize, I didn’t think to take pictures until mid-fix. But you can see what is going on. The power socket on the sound board is appropriately labeled B+ B-.


Thanks Doug! We’re getting ready to build a bunch of these, so good to know.