List of Successful Vehicles used

Hi All, Is there a list of vehicles that have been used successfully and are still being made, with remotes would be helpful. I think it could be a good resource to prevent others from purchasing a vehicle that does not work out. Feel free to add successes to this thread. Thank you.

I haven’t heard of any vehicles not being able to do some basic mods, I don’t think there is a list of successful mods anywhere but if you browse the manual section you can look for cars that have a remote.

I dont know of a list.
Matching cars to the driver is a key step - so the operative question may not be cars but car-kid match ups.
Also it would be helpful if folks put out names/brands of consistently bad wiring/bad manufacturing.
I have heard of some cars (think from manufacturers/distributors outside of the US/European markets) that have poor-er quality but dont know of any specific brands/names.

best, C