Lightening McQueen wiring

I am currently working on a Lightening Mcqueen - the bigger version - and I have run into something I have not previously. Something seems to be off with the wiring, but I cannot figure out what it is. I am starting to think its a faulty car…when I connect the battery terminals the motor automatically starts without activation of the switch or peddle. I have another one in my garage so I plan to get it out and see if I can figure it out, but I wanted to see if by chance you guys had ever worked on this car and ran into anything?

You have a short, I would suggest disconnecting the foot switch, Then reconnect the battery. This is assuming you have done no mods to the car. If the car fails to run, a faulty foot switch is to blame. If you are using the relay method the foot switch is not needed.

Well, I had already disconnected the footplate. Then I connected the battery and turned the car on and the motor goes with no activation of anything. Which is why I believe it is a faulty car and that to be safe I need to just trash it…

How did you treat the connectors on the footswitch? they may be making contact. The car is not in the manner that it needs to be trashed. Review the connections, if not there must be a short before the foot switch. Otherwise leave the car as is. Wire in a relay on the power side and add a switch to control the relay coil.