Light-Up Switch

Hello, all!

We have a little lady who would benefit from a light-up switch to activate the car, as she is motivated by lights. Has anyone had success with a specific brand/company? We used one from “Health Products For You,” but it would stick in the “ON/activated” position, which is obviously not great. Any ideas?


Lizzie, Allison, and Ben
Milwaukee GBG!

We have used this button for the last couple years. It basically has a limit switch on the back with two sets of spade connectors, one for the lights and one for the button. Works great and the price is right. They come in different colors too.

Hi Gavin,
My name is Ben, and I’m the engineering working on the GBG cars here at Marquette University.
This light up switch is listed as 12volts. I assume that voltage is required for the light, yes? There is no voltage required for the switch itself. It is either open, or manually closed by the child, correct?

Do you know if there is a 6v version of this switch for 6v cars?



Hi Ben,

I took a minute to test one of the light up switches at a lower voltage. I used a 7.2V VEX robotics battery (that probably wasn’t fully charged) and it lit right up. Should be good to go!

Does this switch work the same as the Big Red switch from Ablenet? Does the child hit the switch once for the light to come on and again to activate the car, or does the adult turn on the light to draw the child’s attention to the switch. Thank you!