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I’m working to start a Go Baby Go program at the Middle School where I am a Technology Education Teacher. I am wondering if anyone has liability and/or release forms that they use and would be willing to share. The Physical Therapist I’m working with is requesting a release form so she can discuss the child who will be receiving the car with myself and my students. Anything anyone can provide in this area would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Here are a couple of forms that you might find useful. One is a liability and release form, and the other is a photo release form. You’ll definitely want to change the wording to reflect your organization.

Hope this helps!
Photo Release - Community Build.docx (91.5 KB)
Volunteer Waiver-c[1].docx (27.1 KB)

Hi there,
Has anyone already created a liability release form for the drivers? Thanks!

Hello Lauren,

Here is a liability release form that I believe I got from Gavin at some point. We edited it a bit and surely you will need to do the same. This can be used for drivers and other volunteers in a workshop. I have included the original and the version we use for our chapter.

Liability waiver 2018.docx (14.9 KB)

Liability Waiver 2019 ABMS GBG V1.docx (22.9 KB)

Thank you!

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