Jeep or BMW 'supply list' -- help!

Hi all
Passing this along from Jennifer from Chicagoland…please reply back to her directly as well as the forum.
thanks all!

Jennifer Scoggins

My clinic is planning to adapt two Go Baby Go cars. We wanted to do a Jeep and a BMW. We got plans from Shirley Ryan for both cars, but they don’t include a supply list. Do you by any chance have one that we could use? Thanks so much for your assistance.

Dear Jennifer,

In order to help come up with the kind of list you need, we’ll probably need to get a better idea from you what kind of modifications you plan to add to the vehicles … in terms of seating requirements, method of accessing controls, etc etc.

Let’s just start with the make and model of the Jeep and BMW. Are they 6 volt or 12 volt power systems? Do they have power to both rear wheels or just one?

Happy to walk you through this … we’ll just eat this elephant one bite at a time :wink: