Information on your GBG Branch


An organization that helps fund our Milwaukee Go Baby Go branch has asked us to reach out to other GBG groups to ask the following:

  1. Approximately how many cars per year does your branch modify and give out to families?
  2. Approximately how much does it cost (car, button, additional parts) for your program to make one car?

We would greatly appreciate any responses! If you’d prefer to email us directly at, that would be lovely, too.


-Lizzie and Allison

Hi, I sent an email to the address you provided. This is for the Go Baby Go program of Adaptive Sports Connection in central Ohio.
Best regards,
– Doug

GoBabyGo Louisville –

  1. 20-30 custom cars per year
  2. between $200 and 500 per car depending on size of car, type of switch and modifications needed.

Hope this helps!

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