Impaired Head Control

Has anyone been building cars for children with impaired head control? Particularly children with a lot of forward flexion? Our group has tried a few solutions but are not completely satisfied with any of them. Has anyone found a solution that they are having success with?

For reference we have tried baby car seat headbands like the one linked below but find they slip off and the children really dislike them. We have also been building some cars with “head pegs” (see photo) but they do not provide any support for forward flexion. Baby Carseat Head Support,Car seat Straps Pillow Support Ban,Stroller Neck Relief Strap Headrest,Slumber Sling Sleep Positioner for Toddler Infants Child Children Kids(Gery) : Baby

Kind of depends on whether they “can’t” or “won’t” keep their head back … although solutions are somewhat similar

If you can get caregivers on board with concept, try putting the GO switch up behind their head … not just for the vehicle but also whenever they’re using their most favorite’est switch activated toy. If head up = fun then there’s some extra motivation.

Also, you can try to build some seat-tilt-backwards into your design and see if that helps.

Also, collaborating with any therapy providers involved in child’s care may offer up other solutions.

Best of luck :wink:

This has been a tough one for us. We’ve considered the head strap route, but don’t want to overcompensate and discourage the child building some neck/trunk control. I really like Pete’s suggestion of mounting the switch behind the child’s head! It’s an easy enough modification to make!

We have had similar issues. The forward straps don’t work incredibly well, but we have tried to integrate more of a reclined seat. We have not finalized any build yet, but we are exploring the idea of mounting a car seat back to the car with a recline so it has the lateral head supports as well. The challenge is that many of our kiddos are small and the high back design is intended for slightly taller kids. Here is an idea of what we have considered: