Help: Wiring a Huffy 12V Audi Electric Battery-Powered Car


I’m in the process of modifying two Huffy Audi cars. I have modified power wheel jeeps before but the guts of this Audi are so different. I don’t even know where to start as far as wiring goes.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

What kind of setup are you aiming for? As in, a button somewhere that makes both motors go forwards?

Yes, just a simple able net red button switch mounted on the steering wheel.

Ok. Can’t easily see from the picture what switch is activating the motors currently, but i imagine it’s a foot pedal somewhere. Also not sure if you’re dealing w a 6volt or 12volt system, so keep that in mind. That being said, if you add a relay to the red power line coming off the battery, then wire your activation switch to the circuit that will turn the relay on, you should be good to go. Then you’ll need to deal w the foot switch either by unplugging it or “hotwiring” it. Then do a ton of safety checks :wink:

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