Help Needed In Mississippi!

Looking for help adapting a car for my son in greater Jackson, MS. Prefer experienced help, but also interested in advice for parents to do it ourselves.

Need a boy car with parent remote control in addition to switch adapt. Boy is 2.5 years, 30lb, 36inches tall. Any advice on model?

Our PT is on board. We can purchase car ourselves once we get a plan.

Family Email:

Thank you!

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I could send you a Motherbox if you like? Only catch is I’m not a big believer in cars w remote control, so normally we just add “push handles” for times when steering correction needed. Happy to discuss. I’m in Knoxville TN so meeting up is in the realm of possibility. But feel free to DM, email, or txt/call me (865-719-3966) if you like :wink:

I am so sorry I never responded to this.

I would have no clue what a motherboard is or how to use it, I thank you for your offer as it sounds super generous and helpful if I knew what I was doing or what to expect with this.

Health has been getting in the way of us pursuing this much farther and looks like we are about 7-8 hours away from Knoxville which would be one heck of a trek for our kiddo/family. If life calms down a bit we are considering a vacation somewhere within driving distance, but no clue when that would happen. (Husband is beating cancer, I had a baby in March, and our Complex/CP Kiddo is in and out of hospital for much of his life- add in a pandemic and things are a bit crazy!)

I’ll keep inquiring occasionally to see if people can help, but I am starting to lose hope on this one. He turns 3 in October, so am unsure how many years we would fit in a vehicle if I don’t find one soon. May end up simply buying a remote control one rather than getting him one switch adapted, which has me feeling a bit defeated, but ultimately seems to be our life lately. Also curious if we could pay a mechanic to help us.

Thanks for reaching out, I appreciate your kindness more than you could know. :heart:


Lisa Kent

Don’t give up!!! Pick a weekend that works and I’ll drive down there and get y’all fixed up. Might cost you a cold beer or three tho :wink:


Sorry for the late response. I really do appreciate your generosity and my lack of response did not acknowledge that. Life distracted us for a while- my Husband had lung surgery for his cancer in August. Chemo was successful. Surgery was successful. He is now in remission and I am trying to catch up on things I let drop during that time.

I am thinking about purchasing the stuff to make this car in the following instructables link… (Car, Buttons, Any tools, wires, and such.) I was hoping to get your opinion on this car/build on if you think it looks easy enough to figure out.

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Peter is currently 36 inches tall, 30lbs, and turns three on October 13th. He is doing so good with his switch toys, I think he will love this. Mississippi is so dang hot we spent most summer at home inside- couldn’t do outdoors due to heat, and indoor out and about due to covid- I would love to try to do this this fall, like order stuff soon- to give him opportunity to use it while the weather is nice and cooler.
Do you think this design looks doable? Think we can handle it even though we have zero experience? Should I find someone who has done GoBabyGo before, or, do you think someone electrically inclined in the local community might be able to figure it out?
I am hoping he isn’t too big and that we didn’t miss out on this for him… :confused: Between Covid, Cancer, a new baby, and Peter’s medical conditions and hospital stays we had a lot going on in 2020/2021… Trying to catch up now…
Thank you for your help/opinions!
Lisa Kent

Hi Lisa! My name is Adair :wave:t2: I’m a peds PT and run the GoBabyGo chapter in Birmingham. I currently live close to you, only about 2 hours away and I would love to help you with this! I’ve put on 6 builds and helped modify 20+ cars.

Hi Adair!

Thank you for reaching out! We’ve been to Birmingham once before- we stayed near UAB for a surgery. The trip was about 4 hours. It was long but pleasant. We were there for a few days, but it was during covid and for a surgery so we didn’t explore much beyond finding good food to bring back to hotel.

I checked the message board to see what you knew about us and learned all of these emails I am sending are being posted as posts… Didn’t realize that. I thought I was replying to emails. Whoops, Oh well, atleast you have the intro to us and our crazy journey.

Biggest challenges for the build may be his size in combination with him needing maximum support. We have neck braces and core braces he can wear if he needs additional support. At 3ft tall and not able to control core, we will probably need a vehicle built for a larger child.

Because he won’t be able to steer, we also would prefer one with remote steering so he can press the gas to go but doesn’t steer himself into any car accidents.

Let me know what we would need to do on our end to make something happen, timeframe, and if there are any deadlines we need to meet. Our email is -you can email us directly if we want to take it off of this message board. :wink:

Thank you!