Help in South Carolina

hi my Name Is Amy Bailey!! I live in Greenville South Carolina! My husband is wanting to build a go baby go car for our son who has several disabilities and has a terrible time using his legs
We would like to purchase the Costzon brand Mini Cooper could some one please help with providing a manual or guide to converting this type car!!
Thank you so much!!!
Or we would even be willing to purchase car and pay someone to convert it for us
Please let me know if you know anyone in Greenville Sc area that could do this for us
Thank you
Amy Bailey

I’m over in Knoxville TN. Glad to help out if nobody any closer is available to help :slight_smile:

Hi, Amy. This is probably way late for your son, but I am just starting to look into what it would take to start a group in Greenville. Did you end up finding somewhere to help with his car?

Hi! I actually did not find anyone to help with a car
If you know of anyone that would be amazing

We are getting close here in Greenville! We are planning our first car modification soon. We will see how that goes, and then hopefully start growing from there. Check back with me around October if I don’t get in touch with you before that!

This is amazing!!
I am so excited. Please keep in touch with me and let me know

OK, I will! :slight_smile:

Go Baby Go in Greenville is up and running! We have some cars ordered and some more pledged. If you want to email me, we can start discussing what style car and what modifications your son might need.