Has anyone 3d printed steering wheels?

This was the easiest method for us to incorporate the arcade button. Thoughts?

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Very cool! We usually drill a wide hole into the steering wheel to sink the stem of the arcade button, but this solution looks a lot cleaner. I worry a little about the texture of the steering wheel. Does it have any sharp/rough edges? It seems like the transition from the flat bed to the first overhang might make for sme rough spots.

This brings up something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. The classic instructions for the Frozen car say to remove the bumpy front face of the steering wheel. That reveals the hollow but relatively flat inside of the back half of the steering wheel. Then you affix a Big Red to the remaining surface of that inside of the steering wheel. That leaves all kinds of rough edges. Would your group have the CAD chops to replicate the front face of the steering wheel but as a flat piece that we could just stick the big red on? I don’t think there are many Frozens left out in the wild, but this could be a huge help for a lot of cars!

This wheel hasn’t been fully post processed yet. We’re either going to do a Paracord wrap or take it to our auto collision lab and have them paint and finish it professionally. With a fully enclosed housing, I’m not seeing a need to incorporate a relay.

For things with a lot of ergonomic distinction, we would just zap it with our scanner and modify it.