GoBabyGo! Wenatchee, Washington - FREE CARS

Greetings from Wenatchee High School in North Central Washington state!

We waited a couple of years to make ourselves known because we wanted to make sure we truly making a sustainable impact on children in our community and state. We have had three successful custom car builds for kids in our school district and we have mentored two more schools in the state with their own custom builds.

It is our goal to create a custom build each semester at Wenatchee HS, and give away stock cars (We still have 7 to give away!) to schools in WA to start them on their own GBG program. Doug Merrill has presented on GBG at three statewide conferences and has multiple school districts planning to start their own GBG program as students get back into the classroom.

WHS has adapted three vehicles a Ford F-150 for a boy with Spina Bifida, a Barbie convertible for a girl recovering from a brain tumor that had a “gear-shifter gas pedal” to encourage right arm movement, and a Wild Thing with lots of padding for a 12-year old with severe challenges. Each one had 3-4 design iterations and all are being used by their drivers to this day.

The only way that we have strayed from the original GBG concept car is that we use a green button, because our therapist said, "Green means Go!

Contact Doug Merrill at merrill.d@wenatcheeschools.org if you’d like to come to get a free car! Sorry, we cannot ship cars.

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Love to chat via zoom with you all to hear more about your chapter and get done feedback on gbg in schools
Very impressed
Best Cole

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So great Doug! Thanks for all your help over the years at WITEA. I’m hoping we can get some students back on campus to start working on power wheels again at Shelton High School this spring.

Jake Fullington
Shelton High School

Thanks Jake! if we are in person at March WITEA Conference we will have two cars to give makeovers!!

Sweet! I will email you for the details :smiley: