Gobabygo New Zealand update

Welcome everyone to a life changing event for many children.
Here in New Zealand we run things slightly different to the rest of the Gobabygo world, we buy in a container of 78 BMW toy cars direct from China, these cars http://www.bbjtoys.com/goods.asp?product_id=573 have blow up tires, mp3 player, radio, Leather seats, extra large battery (last 2 hours of running) and digital remote that is programmed to the car.
We build the cars up in our workshop to suit each child complete with the child’s name plate front and back plus we put our sponsors stickers on the car. We then do a hand over which takes 2 to 3 hours and do any minor adjustments while the child gets use to the car. This system works well for us as many of our children are from remote parts of the country and we can take a fully modified car to them and have them racing around with in minutes of fitting.
I would love to hear how you do all your modifications
Keep up the great work

Do you have a manual you could upload, or pictures or videos of kids in the cars you built for them? Do the parents drive them around with the remote or do they drive themselves?

We do not have any manuals yet, has been on our list of jobs to do. the parents drive them around using the remote, we install a buddy button plug to every car and then if the child needs a buddy button we just plug it in and place it where ever the child can use it.