GoBabyGo Louisville

GoBabyGo Louisville, associated with the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program at Bellarmine University, has been building for four years and is excited to continue. Our next build is in March of 2018. Please contact Dr Beth Ennis at eennis@bellarmine.edu for information. Our students and community members of therapists, electricians, and other volunteers are excited to continue this project!

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Awesome! Do you have a GBG Louisville facebook or other social media we can link the planet to???
best, Cole

Finally created a Facebook page:

Had been using word of mouth for several years. working with folks in Owensboro to get something started in western KY.

And thank you Cole, for getting all this going. Part of the gift we just received will allow us to purchase two portable harness systems as well as fund the spring build. :):grin:

My name is Roger Miller. I am starting to build vehicles for The
Kids Center in Louisville. Looking for local advice, any help would be appreciated.
Thank you.

Roger โ€”
We build three times a year at Bellarmine University, funded through the Crusade for Children. We would be happy to help and often build for children from the Kids Center. Feel free to email me. Pt4kids47@gmail.com

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And we now have a website! https://www.gobabygolouisville.com/

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