Go Baby Go programs in Wisconsin?

I am at the University of Wisconsin- Madison and am looking for anyone that knows of other builds in Wisconsin. We get requests from all over the state and since our program is part of a service learning project for PT students, we only have 1 build a year and can only serve 8 kids. We are limited due to student availability, space and faculty time. I would like to be able to pass along information to other families that we are not able to serve. thanks in advance and feel free to email me directly. blonien@pt.wisc.edu

Hi There,

I reached out to your program to gather more information on creating our own GBG program at UW-Stout. I’m an ATP in the Vocational Rehab department. We have the opportunity to collaborate with students to create multiple cars but am wondering what sort of red tape we need to get past in order to do fund raising for a few families in the area through the univerisity. We’d be happy to host more events but need some help getting started. We have the opportunity to work with local vendors and therapy professionals in the area as well. I’ll plan to email you with specific questions!

It appears that OT students at the University of LaCrosse had built some cars under the direction of Laura Schaffer, Asst. Professor. I’m not aware whether that program is currently active. Here’s a link to the 2017 newsletter that was published about the program. https://www.uwlax.edu/globalassets/academics/grad/occupational-therapy/news/sota-newsletter-april-2017.pdf Similarly students at Marquette had also done a Go Baby Go project several years ago under the direction of Andrew Starsky, MPT, PhD. I am uncertain whether their program has remained active either.


This is Lizzie and Allison with the Milwaukee Go Baby Go group. We have a robust program, serving 4 children per month. It is a collaboration between Children’s Wisconsin and Marquette. Please feel free to email us at gobabygo@chw.org. Thank you! Apologies for the late response!