Go Baby Go Garage @ Marymount University

Welcome to the nation’s capital - well at least we can see the nation’s capital from our building! We are the Go Baby Go Garage at Marymount University in Arlington Virginia and we are led by Drs Skye Donovan and Jason Craig from the Physical Therapy program at Marymount. We have a number of wonderful clinicians from the local area that we work with - special shout out to Amy O’Malley and Joan Mountain - and we build individual cars on an as needed basis and also try to do 1-2 larger 10-15 car builds per semester.

Being based at a university provides us with some incredible space to do larger scale builds and to bring a variety of disciplines together. We have an awesome physicist (Dr Eric Bubar) who has been working with 3D printing of prosthetic hands who supports our builds and is currently trying to replace the big red button with a 3D printed version to reduce costs by about 90%.

You can find out more about us on our webpage - https://www.marymount.edu/gobabygo

If you are in the DMV area - you will know you are if you understand that acronym - then please contact us to help us build or so we can help you provide the service you want to your patients.

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Do you have the 3D file for the Big Red Button? We are also trying to cut down our costs and are looking to use the 3D printer instead of buying the button. Thanks

Hi, Jason.
I know some DC high school students who would LOVE to help build–they would be interested in either hosting something at their school or volunteering at Marymount. Please let me know if there are any opportunities!
Thanks so much.