Go Baby Go Chapter in Houston, Texas?

Does anyone know of a GBG chapter in Houston, Texas?

It looks like the nearest chapter to you is in Flagstaff, Arizona

I’m sure there are some smaller chapters closer-by and that other chapters would be willing to travel if you need help

I am in the process of establishing one in Houston right now. I would love to help you out before I get all the components finalized if you are interested.

Hi Zuhair,

I was contacting someone because I will be moving to the Houston area and I am very involved with the GBG chapter in Oregon (where I currently live) and I would love to be involved in GBG in Houston. I am an OT and have been working with a robotics team to help me perfect some of the adaptations to cars, as well as working with Adaptive Design Association adaptivedesign.org

I work with OT & PT students and hope to get them involved in GBG as part of their coursework.

Thank you for contacting me. Please let me know how I can be involved!

Sandra R.


We have a chapter here in San Antonio :blush:

Hi Susan,

Thanks for letting me know!


We are trying to set a chapter up in Katy, Texas

The local chapter list is not fully up to date, as I am not on it and have not been able to figure out how to.

Anyway, I received an inquiry from a mom wanting to know if there is someone in (near) El Paso, TX that can modify a car for her daughter.

Anyone out there in the El Paso, TX area?!

please email me at jacgallo@udel.edu

please email me at jacgallo@udel.edu

Was a chapter ever set up in the Houston/Katy area? I’m having difficulties finding any information on it other than this forum post.

I have started the chapter in Houston as a part of Rice University. It is up and running as a full organization.

I don’t think I have enough rights to message you yet. I’m interested in helping though if you wouldn’t mind sending me a message with more details.

Hey Chris,
I’m with the University of Houston, we just started our chapter and have a build day coming in a couple weeks. If you would like to help out, my email clsessions@uh.edu.

Thanks I’m interested in helping how I can. I’ll email you. Also I wonder if the UH and Rice initiatives can share resources. Thoughts?

I think sharing resources is a great idea! I wanted to do this once a couple of chapters were started and running. By helping each other out, I believe that we can reach out and help more children.

A teacher and I ( a PT) are interested in the Conroe/The Woodlands area.
Could you contact me please at jlee@conroeisd.net.
We are trying to get the local high school robotics teams interested.
Thank you,

A teacher and I (a PT ) have tried to get some of our local high school robotics teams here in Conroe ISD interested. We would be interested in your build day possibly.
Could you include me on the information please?
Thank you!

Hello Jenny,
I have taken over for Cullen with the University of Houston’s Go Baby Go chapter for 2021. We have purchased a Jeep that we have had some volunteers make small modifications to. We are thinking about having a large Go Baby Go build day either late February or during March. We are incorporated with UH’s Biomedical Engineering Society, so I will email you the details at uh.bmes@gmail.com.
Hope to hear from you soon,

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