Go Baby Go at University of Delaware

Hi all!
We are located at the University of Delaware.

We were the first of now 70?? other places within the Go Baby Go movement.

if you are new to GBG, welcome to the open source, un-ownable movement for social mobility!
It all started with modified toy cars and now is a full fledged research, education, service, advocacy movement!

You are joining a wonderful group of kids, caregivers, families, medical professionals, academic professionals, pure and hybrid engineers, and so many other partner organizations who support their local GBG chapters!


  1. contact other GBG chapters for hints/trade secrets --everyone does it ‘their way’ - but you will find like-minded chapters to be mentors!

  2. check out the ‘best practices’ topic

  3. surf the web by simply googling ‘go baby go’ to see all the various vids and pics from all over the world.

  4. also check out the various facebook sites to see first hand, live in action updates of GBG stuff planet-wide.

  5. Reach out to us for anything and everything to be the best prepared chapter possible for what you want to do in your community!


When did GBG officially start?

In general 2012 ish

best, C

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