GBG Switch Training Video

We here at the University of Missouri are considering creating a series of YouTube videos to help parents and caregivers better understand their children’s GoBabyGo cars. We’re thinking about videos on switch adaptations, battery charging, seating considerations, recommended play activities, etc. The thought is that these could be provided to families before or after a car is built, to augment whatever training you may provide.

Below is our first attempt at a video explaining the most common types of switches in GoBabyGo cars. This is not for public distribution yet. We are asking for your feedback on the content. What works? What doesn’t? What have we missed that should have been included? Is this something you might use if we moved ahead?

We already know it needs aesthetic improvement - this is basically a “pilot” episode that we can use to make the case for hiring a professional to help us make more. We just need content feedback at this point.

Thanks for any suggestions!

Thank you for your efforts. We are currently shut down in NH but are looking forward to helping our children in the future. Your videos will be a great resource.

This is terrific! You hit all the marks that the video is intended for, I hope you continue to create more videos. :smiley: