GBG locations/chapters in North Carolina

I was contacted by a mom of a youngster w MD looking for GBG assistance. They live in Monroe, near Charlotte NC. Anybody aware of a chapter near there that I could direct them to?

Hi Pete. Did you have any luck finding NC chapters? There have been several build events recently in NC and I am wondering if it has spurned some new chapter activity.

I tracked down the guy organizing the build/s and got the family hooked up, but not sure if there’s a “sustained presence” there. But at least now I know who I’d ask :wink:

Cool, thanks. Maybe it is time to get a sustained presence started.

Here is a link to all the FIRST Robotics teams in North Carolina. I’m guessing one of them would be happy to build a car for the family you’re talking about.

Here’s a map with the team list underneath.

Better late than never Gav :wink: we already got that one family taken care of … but with any luck the info u shared might help the next one (& several after that). Thank u sir

Yep. I was pretty late to that party. Sorry, it’s been a busy time around here. That said, it is pretty easy for me to look up FRC Teams in any area through The Blue Alliance website.

Here is a link:

Hi Everyone!

Late to the party but…
What NC chapters are there of GBG?

I am interested in starting one in the RTP area.