GBG CCSU FP Employee Build: FP Headquarters April '19

What a great day, please check out the images. Shout out to Dr. Cole Galloway, Andina Sabet, Dr. Michele Dischino & Dr. Jim Delaura and all the GBG students at CCSU!

GoBabyGo_PW_Build_031 GoBabyGo_PW_Build_032 GoBabyGo_PW_Build_033 GoBabyGo_PW_Build_098 GoBabyGo_PW_Build_099 GoBabyGo_PW_Build_138 GoBabyGo_PW_Build_139 GoBabyGo_PW_Build_236 GoBabyGo_PW_Build_237 GoBabyGo_PW_Build_238 GoBabyGo_PW_Build_284 GoBabyGo_PW_Build_285 GoBabyGo_PW_Build_286 GoBabyGo_PW_Build_302 GoBabyGo_PW_Build_303