Fundraising: Thoughts? Please do share!

Hello all! I have been working with a few folks to find the best ways to raise money for more cars and further research. Any insights? What’s worked for you?

As an organization that has chosen to go the whole hog to pursue (and now have, at last) 501c3 status, would be happy to try and answer any questions other groups might have about our experience with the process.

Wrote several small grants to local organizations. Have ended up with GBG line items of between $7000 and 14,000 each year for the last three years. Hoping to keep it going.

Hi all, we have been going 3 years and have 2 income streams, one is sponsors that bring in around $20,000 and one is Rotary International which brings in about $30,000. That is enough money for us to build up and distribute 80 to 90 cars per year.
One of our sponsors is BMW the car company, they love what we do and now run an advertising campaign promoting that this is the child’s first BMW(all our cars look like BMW’s)
We put a value of $1500 per car and if anyone wants to pay for a car, that is the cost, this actually covers more that one car but we now have a few small groups that run different events and raise $1500 per year for a car.

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