Foot pedal with three wires (not a ground wire)

all – we have several older children and have obtained this vehicle to use
Aosom 12V Ride On Car 2- Seater SUV Truck Battery Powered High/Low Speed with Parental Remote Control, 3 Speeds, LED Light Bar, Audio Input - Pink
the hitch we have run into this that there are three active wires in the foot pedal and all are active (no ground). combining any two shut the system down. we moved the foot pedal up to the wheel, but it is clunky and difficult to depress, so I would like to replace with a push button, but have not found one I could use. thoughts or suggestions? car has a remote, so relay is already in circuit.


Remember the foot pedal is just a switch. All speed control and reverse is handled in another part of the car. Here is a method I use.
car adaption diagram.pdf (52.3 KB)
I zip tie the foot pedal in the closed position. I do all my wiring from the battery compartment.
I’d be happy to assist you in any way possible. Feel free to contact me offline

Hi Beth,

We do not use this exact car but instead use the Costzon Ride On Truck, 12V Battery Powered Electric Ride On Car w/ 2.4 GHZ Parental Remote Control, LED Lights, Double Open Doors, Safety Belt, Music, MP3, Spring Suspension (Deluxe Black) for remote Jeeps. As such, I am not positive this wiring will work for that car, but we have tried it on 5 different remote control models and it has worked for use each time.

Please note that the wiring diagram (“Design”) was undertaken primarily by, and at the direction of, Marquette University engineers; (a) it is not possible to foresee or to anticipate all possible user conditions during the design modification process; and (b) the Design has not been designed, or reviewed in accordance with any applicable federal or state safety laws or regulations and, specifically, has not been reviewed or evaluated in any way by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This Design is offered on an “as is” basis without any express or implied warranty, including the implied warranties of fitness for a particular purpose and merchantability. The safe and effective implementation of the Design is solely the responsibility of the user and the user expressly assumes all risk for any damage or injury by any person arising out of or related to the use of the vehicle to which the Design may be applied.

Here is our electrical diagram:

We cut all wires going to the foot pedal so it no longer functions. This wiring has allowed us to keep all three speeds on the remote. Notably, for the car to move forward or backwards both the button and the remote has to be pressed. We keep it that way for safety. Please feel free to email if you would like to discuss further.

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