Durability of adapted cars - 6V HoneyJoy & RadioFlyers breaking down


Our chapter in Oregon is currently adapting the 6V HoneyJoy, Radio Flyer Grow with Me, and Radio Flyer Grow Kart. We are having durability issues with it breaking down after we are adapting them. Has anyone been adapting these cars and having durability issues? We are wondering if it’s our wiring or just the car itself and/or if there are ways we can adapt them better. Thanks!

Hi, Heather!

I don’t have experience with either of those cars, but I wonder if you could tell is a bit more about how they’re failing. Do you have an engineer or robotics team who could inspect the cars for you? Barring that, maybe we could hop on a zoom and try to diagnose it?

Amazon’s AI-generated review summary for that first model says “That said, some complain about the quality, battery, and movement. They say it stopped working after a few months, the wheel broke off, and it doesn’t move forward or backwards.” So maybe it isn’t your wiring job at all!