Dexton Mercedes Benz S-Klasse W221

I was just gifted this car and I’m wondering if anyone has done any conversions of this car to help to guide me.



Hi Lauren, Do you live in the Cleveland /Akron area? If we we have a workshop coming up on April 10th in Tremont, OH. We can help you adapt the car.
RePlay for Kids

I think that is one of the first cars we did. If you aren’t able to get help, please email me and I will put you in contact with the mentor who oversaw the project (we are a robotics team) - Mary Jean Meyerson

Hi Mary Jean,

Are you planning to put together a manual for how you modified the Mercedes car? If so, please feel free to post it!

We are gathering today to start our planning for our World’s conference session in Detroit. Any ideas?

I think you should probably start by making sure people know what GoBabyGo is. That is the main hurdle that we usually have to overcome. Once other teams get it, they love it.

I would show them resources that are available like GBGConnect and some of the manuals that are available. You are welcome to show them the manuals we have made if you like.

I would also talk about how to find GBG Chapters (which can be tough) or how to start your own. How to find children to build for? Usually physical therapy departments at hospitals and universities are good partners. Also, how to find funding?

I might have more info for you next week, but I think that would answer most people’s questions.

If you happen to have a manual for the 6 Volt Mercedes Benz, I would be interested. Thank you so much!