Determining the size of the interior of a car

Is there a way to find out how big the interior of a car is? I am trying to purchase a car to retro fit for a child with Arthrogryposis who has very little knee flexion. There are very few places that have the cars on display, and it’s very hard to tell with the ones on Amazon.

If you don’t have access to a Go Baby Go center that has a supply of various cars to try out or measure for your child, I’d suggest directly contacting companies that make or distribute ride-on-cars. In the times I’ve contacted the companies with questions or issues, I’ve found the customer service representatives very helpful in providing support when I explain what I’m hoping to do for a child. Here are the customer service phone and/or email contacts for a number of companies: Power Wheels: 800-348-0751; Kid Trax Toys: 877-741-6154; email:; Dynacraft: 800-551-0032; Costway:

Thank you so very much!

Hi, Cyndi! My group has started a spreadsheet with measurements of common cars and estimates of the max height for a child to fit that car. We’re working on moving that into a google spreadsheet so that everyone can access it. We’ll try to get that done this week and post here. Hope that helps!

Awesome! Thank you! That will be so helpful!

Cyndi Fuchs

Hi Bill,
I wondered if you were ever able to get a spreadsheet together for the max height of child to car?
Thanks so much.
Cyndi Fuchs


I’m so sorry I never followed through on that! I have attached an excel spreadsheet below.

The equations are also really easy. The length of the yellow line below should be at least 0.53 times the child’s height. So if you know the size of the car and want to estimate the max height of a child that would fit, divide the length of the yellow line by 0.53. If you know the height of the kid and want to know which cars the child could fit into, multiply the child’s height by 0.53. They will likely fit (at least by length) any car whose yellow line is at least that long.

Keep in mind, this is the max height that could possibly fit in that car - it could still be cramped, and the kid might grow out of it quickly if you cut it close!


dimensions.xlsx (42.9 KB)

Wow! You’re fast! Thanks so much! I’m finding that we have more requests for the middle sized kiddo, and bigger as we JUST get started up again. Thanks SO MUCH for this!

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