Copyright Rules for Logo

Saginaw Valley State University (SVSU) is starting a Go-Baby-Go chapter. Is there anywhere I can get open source logos to incorporate our school’s logo like other universities have done?

I took UofD’s logo and photoshopped it to fit our needs, but if we are going to publish a website, I don’t want to break any copywright laws.



According to Cole Galloway (Founder of GBG), seems like the logo is open source and can be modified for each chapter.

Hi Gavin, any chance that you could post the logo without UD so that we can put our chapter logo there or would you prefer that we keep UD on the logo too? Either works for me. Thanks

I am just confirming that it’s ok to remove the ND and put our initials in the logo? Seems from what I read here it is. Thanks!

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