Community builds

HI! I have been slammed with referrals lately. I do most of my own builds, but am at the point where I need to get help. While I have a few people wanting to volunteer, what is the best way to get volunteers? Also, when those of you are doing builds, how do you best use your volunteers? I am trying to standardize and have written instructions with pictures for everything, but this takes time, and each vehicle is made for a specific child’s needs…Any thoughts or suggestions???

Hi earlywheels,
When the group I am in has done builds in the past that involved volunteers, we brought the project to local Middle- and HIgh-Schools where students would help us on 2-day builds (usually on a Friday then the following Saturday). We like to have at least a few people on hand who know their ways around the cars very well to oversee builds while each car is assigned to a group of students lead by one or two of our club members (we are a college club/organization).
Also, because of time constraints and wire accessibility with PVC skeletons in place, we often spend the first day completing wiring and starting PVC work if there is time. The second day we finish any unfinished wiring, work on PVC skeletons, and modify the cars to meet individual needs of children while they come in to be fitted by a physical therapist we’ve been working with.
While each car is different and unique, there are some components which can be mass produced, so to speak. For example, some of the PVC pieces can be made the same length for most or all cars, depending on your group’s designs for PVC skeletons.

I hope this helps and if you need any other help or have any questions please feel free to ask.