Best car for very young/small kiddos?

Hello, I run a GBG program with DPT students as part of our advanced pediatrics elective (collaboration with local community college engineering program). This year, we have several very young/small kiddos nominated for cars. I think this is great, because we know early mobility can be so helpful for development, but it also poses the challenge of finding a car that fits well. Previously, we have used this TOBBI brand 6V Audi car and added a kickboard backrest and 5-point harness as our general base for the kids I worry that my very little kids this year may not be able to reach the steering wheel.

The smallest kiddo we are building for this year has Down syndrome is just over a year and a half. She weighs 17 lbs. and is just over 28 inches tall. Has anyone made cars for kids this size? Do you have any recommendations for cars that would be appropriate? We always look for parent remote options as well. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

I’m afraid the only car I’ve seen that worked well for a child that size was the PowerWheels L’il Lightning McQueen, and that was discontinued years ago.

It’s hard to tell from al the terribly photoshopped pictures, but the dimensions on the many “Maserati” cars seem promising, if you’re equipped to do 12V cars:

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These are basically bumbo seats on wheels. Hadnt seen the “Bluey” before but bet that would be a hit with kids. And between both options it gives you the ability to do steering wheel for kiddos w UE function, or “motor steering” for kids that might have to use alt-drive input

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You can also add a booster seat to the car or replaced the seat with one to get them closer to the steering wheel. Look up booster seat feeding on walmart for examples

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thank you for the ideas!


We have been making cars for children as young as 9 months. We used to use the Lightning McQueen car as well, but since it was discontinued, we have been these remote Lamborghini’s: Kidzone Ride On Car 12V Lamborghini Urus Kids Electric Vehicle Toy w/Parent Remote Control, Horn, Radio, Port, AUX, Spring Suspension, Opening Door, LED Light - White : Toys & Games

For our kiddos that are still too small to reach the steering wheels we frequently add pads behind their back or build PVC structures onto the steering wheel that they can hold onto but move the button closer.

Additionally, sometimes we make full PVC bars to move the button closer, you just have to be careful with these and make sure they can still get their legs into the footwell. Notably, we wire all our cars so that the child must hit their button and the parents must hit the button on the remote for the car to move (remote and button wired in serries). This wiring design allows for us to move the button and the parent can still steer without the child becoming a passenger.

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