Another Joystick mod

Tonight I finished a little project- should have been Christmas shopping, but this was more fun. While many of my vehicles look like cars, some are coming closer to looking like power wheelchairs. One of my frustrations is that there are no SMALL power wheelchairs being sold. Here is my version of a vehicle called an Uprider. I took off the upright, added a seat, added a joystick for a kiddo who will need it right where it is in the picture, added a footboard, and that’s about it. It is under 20" wide, 24" deep, and is maybe 33" tall.(fits in the front seat of my car). Did I mention it’s about 30 pounds (maybe)? Hopefully it will get it’s first test drive tomorrow.

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u go gurl!!!

Many GBG Connect folks would love to see more details on your device!
thanks for sharing!!

HI! The mod is similar to what Pete Cappell and Blake Palmer have been doing for the past couple of years, just on a different vehicle. I have been using dareways and spaceriders,(see picts) but don’t like how noisy they are. I was going to switch to Wild Things, but with a 35" width, they will not get thru most household doors. So I found the Uprider by Rollplay. ( ) I pretty much gutted the electronics, but it had some features I liked, like an external charging port and an on/off switch. Instead of using wheelchair seating, I put child bike carriers on my chairs, as they are lighter, and have the support I need. Today I had a sweetie test drive the modified uprider. I couldn’t load the video, but he was turning and driving on a dime. Instead of building a platform for it to sit on, I wanted to keep it low, so he could pull up to a toddler size table and be with his friends. My mission is to develop early mobility really targeting the 0-4 range. Many of my kids are referred by vendors, where they know a kid may be a power wheelchair user in the future, but for now, they need to work on learning the concept of driving. The picture of the one in the blue dareway was 9 months old, and he was already grasping the concept of using the joystick. I make modified cars as well, but am getting more and more requests for joysticks. I will try to put instructions and pictures together over Christmas break…

simply awesome!

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