Alternative to Power Wheels Wild Thing?

I can no longer find a source for the Wild thing. Anyone have a suggestion for a similar power base?

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May be a Covid victim. Fisher Price still lists it on their Website. Patience might be needed
Here is an easy to convert vehicle

Thanks for your reply. Your other vehicle is cute, but I need more of an “all terrain” vehicle.

Where are you located? I might have one I can spare if we can figure out how to get it to you

Hi Pete,
I am in Morgantown, WV. I potentially found one online, We have ordered it… so fingers crossed. Our college of engineering is trying to make an adaptation “kit” to help people change to joystick control. I hope that their work in not in vain because the product is discontinued. Thanks for you offer.


If you guys want a headstart, i can send you schematics for our Arduino-based “Motherbox” … which we use with momentary switch based drive controls.
For proportional joystick, been plugging straight into a Sabertooth motor controller from Dimension Engineering. Need to get at least a 30amp controller bc the Wild Thing motors can spike up to 60 amps :flushed:

Thank you. I appreciate it. My email is

Please do send us the schematics.

Thanks again

Sorry for the delay. Looked back over them & realized they needed some updating. Should be done by end of day tomorrow.

Got this far but I’m burned out for the day. Will finish sample & write up tomorrow

Hey Pete! Do you have any more info on your setup above? I like it! I assume you have to have specific switches set on the MC for PWM?

If you give your email i can send you the same how-to manual i sent Anne. I havent gotten any feedback about it, so it may be complete incoherent gibberish … you’ve been warned :rofl::wink:

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Hey Pete! It is

If you give me a month I will pay it forward!!!

Hi Pete and Kyle,
I forwarded your instructions to my engineering team… they were already well into their own design and did not comment. I will try and get the specs on the actual modification that they did.

Hi, another mobility device based on Wild Thing, with full electronic details:

But the question still remains, will it be available again? In standard form it got some bad reviews, mainly the safety switch in the seat and controls, which don’t matter if you are replacing the controls.

I was hoping to modify one to take a standard child’s car seat, complete with isofix attachments.