Adding an oxygen bottle to a 6v car

I have a build that will require a 7 pound oxygen bottle. Does anyone have ideas on the best way to secure the bottle behind the seat? I want to make sure the bottle does not move around, is easy to install/remove, and the valve/connection point is protected from getting hit.

Thank you!

Dan DeGrendel

Is this an oxygen tank that will be connected to the child? I have not modified for that specifically, but with our kids who use ventilators, we order larger trunks with space in the back to store the equipment. Something like this could work: Robot or human? or this one: Robot or human?

I hope that helps!

Thanks for the input. This is for a type D oxygen bottle - for a child. I found a tank holder that works on Amazon.

The holder will strap to a PVC frame behind the seat. With this holder the parents can easily add/remove the bottle.

That looks perfect! Great to know for future reference